Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Digital hearing aids are made of electronic components, but they may still need repairs. Whether you accidentally get your hearing aids wet, drop them on the floor or spring a battery door you may need professional hearing aid repair services. If you ever have a problem with your hearing aids, you can always depend on Hearing Solutions, Inc. for fast and friendly repair services. 

Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, bring them into our office. We represent all major hearing aid manufacturers, and the audiologist can identify the problem and many times repairs can even be made while you wait. 

If your hearing aids are no longer covered by warranty, bring them in. The audiologist will go over all your options for repairing or replacing your technology. 

Troubleshooting common hearing aid problems

Sometimes you may be able to fix the problem yourself. If your hearing aids won’t turn on or the sound is distorted or too soft, try these troubleshooting tips.

When the volume is too soft, check the volume control. Hearing aids with manual volume control can be turned down by physically adjusting the settings. If volume control isn’t the problem, check the receiver tube for wax, debris or water. Be sure the microphone isn’t coated with earwax. 

Distorted sound can be caused by weak batteries or a bad battery connection. Remove the batteries and gently clean the contacts with a cotton swab and a drop of alcohol. Once the contacts are completely dry, install fresh batteries and firmly close the battery door. If you have a telecoil option, make sure you didn’t set the device to telecoil by accident. 

If the hearing aid doesn’t power up, make sure the device is completely in the “on” position. This often solves the problem. If it doesn’t, insert fresh batteries. Wax build-up on the hearing aid or in your ears prevents in the ear devices from fitting properly. This causes whistling and feedback. Clean your ears and your hearing aids to resolve this problem. 

If these tips fail to bring your hearing aids back to top performance, bring them to Hearing Solutions, Inc. for assessment by the audiologist.

Hearing aid repairs

Every hearing aid sold by Hearing Solutions, Inc. comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Even if your hearing aid warranty is expired, your hearing aids may be repairable for a small fee. Let us assess the problem and give you an estimate for repairs. Depending on the hearing aid manufacturer, some repairs may be backed by a new one-year warranty. 

Hearing aid maintenance

Bring your hearing aids to Hearing Solutions, Inc. every six months for deep cleaning. Our audiologist has the training and special tools necessary to clean your devices more thoroughly than you can clean them at home. Regular hearing aid cleaning keeps your devices performing at their best and extends their regular life.