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Battery Club

To participate in our Battery Club, you pre-pay for nine packages of batteries. You then receive two additional packs FREE! As you need batteries, you can stop by our office and pick them up if you wish, or we can mail them to you Postage Paid!

This brings your battery cost down to as low as $5.07 per pack, delivered to your door. This is probably the most convenient and economical way there is to receive your hearing aid batteries. If you want your batteries mailed to you just call us, toll free if you are out of our local calling area. We will mail your batteries to you the day we receive your call. You do not need to drive to our office to get your batteries, or anywhere else for that matter. Can it get more convenient than this? You will also be assured of getting fresh batteries as we have very rapid turnover. Batteries never hang around on our shelf and get old like they can other places.

To participate, give us a call and we’ll send out the appropriate billing. Prices range from 55.80 to 67.10 depending on battery size, so don’t delay, we look forward to hearing from you!